Alice Drive Middle School

Elma Strong
Sumter , SC
Nov 1, 2017

My students need the I PadPillow stand to use while setting on the floor in our reading circles. It would be so easy for them to share iPads with the PadPillow, either when sitting together at a table or hanging out together on the carpet. The iPadPillow would be helpful to hold the iPad when "off duty" and recharging. It would be much easier to see to what percentage it is charged. The PadPillow would give me an assist during a formative assessment game where we review plot, setting, character, etc. I record these assessments so that those students who are absent can take part at home by playing them back. All I will have to do is up-end the iPad on the PadPillow so the speakers are facing in the air, crank up the volume, and hit the "play" button. I will be able to multi-task and circulate around the room, all while the PadPillow holds the iPad and gives the assessment. Thank you Wishpool for making such a useful product and I hope we win.