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Cooperative Purchasing

IPEVO has joined several purchasing cooperatives so that participating institutions can purchase IPEVO products. Here are some of the main contracts we are currently part of:

Southern Westchester BOCES, Eastern Suffolk BOCES, CiTi BOCES, PEPPM CA & PA and TIPS

The list shown here is by no means exhaustive.
Please contact for more details.

Trusted Partners

You can buy IPEVO from any of our authorized partners below.


  • AB Distributing
  • Liquid PC
  • Douglas Stewart Company
  • Liquid PC


  • AVES
  • AVI
  • BGI
  • Bluum
  • B&H
  • CDW
  • Connection
  • CounterTrade Products
  • EHP Solutions
  • ELB Global
  • Encore Data
  • Howard Technology Solutions
  • InCareK12
  • kcav
  • MicroK12
  • SHI
  • VSC
  • WhiteRiver