IPEVO VZ-R Helps Animation Director Bring Stories to Life in Live-Drawing Show

For Nathaniel Hlimi, storytelling is an art form that takes many shapes and forms. As an animation director and illustrator with over a decade of experience, he has brought countless stories to life through his drawings, using mediums like ink, gouache, and watercolor on paper. But when he embarked on a new project, a live-drawing show for young audiences, he knew he needed a camera that could capture the magic of his drawings in real-time. That's when he discovered the IPEVO VZ-R.

“I use it as a part of a live-drawing show for young audience (3-6 years old),”  Hlimi explains.
“I draw while an actress tell the story and a musician play music and sounds effect. It’s kind of a choreography between us three to make the audience feel in immersion.”

Before using the IPEVO VZ-R, Hlimi had never needed a camera for his work. But as he explored new ways of telling stories through live-drawing performances, he realised that the VZ-R was exactly what he needed.

“As I need to be focused on 1000 things while using it, I can just forget it and trust it,”  he says.
“It’s easy to understand, to move, to install, to set up. For 'a live drawing show,' I think it’s the best camera option. And it’s affordable, which is great.”

Hlimi has already seen the benefits of using the VZ-R in his work, but he believes there are even more possibilities to explore in the future.

“I’m sure I’ll use it in many others way in my future projects,”  he says.
“There is so many possibilities to explore.”

As someone who is deeply passionate about his work, Hlimi sees the VZ-R as an essential tool for any artist or professional in his field.

“For sure, it's an amazing easy camera to use for drawers and illustrators,”  he says.
“It’s precious and helpful for drawers who wants to be seen out of their office and share their drawing and stories in different way.”

Hlimi isn't just an expert in his craft—he's also a success story in his own right. He co-created and co-directed the 26-minute animation movie "My life in Versailles," which has won around 25 prizes in international festivals and has been screened in French cinemas to critical acclaim. He's currently working on an adaptation of the film as a series, as well as a live-drawing and music show called "Jean-Chat voit dans le noir" and a children's book adaptation set for release in 2024.

For Hlimi, the IPEVO VZ-R is just one tool in his artistic arsenal, but it's a crucial one that helps him bring his stories to life in a whole new way. Nathaniel's work can be found on his website: and Instagram:

His success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring animators and illustrators around the world. Thanks to the IPEVO VZ-R, Nathaniel's live-drawing show has become even more engaging, and he looks forward to exploring the camera's potential in his future projects.