Conducting effective nail training courses with IPEVO Doc Cam

RE:NEW Beauty Case Study

RE:NEW Beauty has been providing high-quality nail gels and a full suite of training to nail professionals in the UK for 23 years. Since their training courses rely heavily on hands-on demonstrations and up-close observations, more often than not, this creates challenges for both the trainers and the learners. As Richard Lipsitz, Director at RE:NEW Beauty explained:

“People had to crowd around for demonstrations and they were unable to see the demonstrations from their desks.”

This is what led RE:NEW Beauty to start exploring effective solutions to teach nail painting techniques, and they came across IPEVO document cameras. IPEVO doc cams, with their play and plug design, and easy to use nature, allow RE:NEW Beauty to effortlessly integrate them into their training courses.

“We use IPEVO document cameras in our primary training center to allow students to see the nail work being done by the educator whilst they are demonstrating various techniques.”

With IPEVO document cameras, trainers can now showcase nail painting techniques on a big screen, while enabling learners to participate and interact with the training contents from their seats, making the teaching and learning process a seamless experience.

With an IPEVO doc cams, any training contents can be shown on a big screen in real-time.

Also, by using the adjustable arms and magnifying feature of IPEVO document cameras, nail trainers can capture any contents of interest, such as the ingredient label of nail gels, brushing techniques, or close-up views of their nail creation.

When asked what makes RE:NEW beauty choose IPEVO over the other solutions, the ability to display materials in real-time with great clarity is the clear reason. As shared by Richard:

“The quality of the image and ease of use makes [IPEVO doc cam] stand out.”

IPEVO document cameras connect directly to TV or computer - allowing a quick and easy setup.

Additionally, when discussing the greatest benefit IPEVO document cameras bring to RE:NEW beauty, Richard believes that it is all about compatibility, and how the doc cams can be fitted into their training environments easily:

“IPEVO document cameras allows for a slick educational setup to be easily integrated into all of our educational settings or pop-up training locations.”

This allows their nail trainers to focus entirely on delivering high quality training, while ensuring the best practices are shared within the organization - cultivating hundreds of beauty experts across the UK.