Enhancing Board Meetings: Value Engineering at West Noble School Corporation

West Noble School Corporation case study

The Challenge:

The West Noble School Corporation faced the challenge of improving livestreaming capabilities for board meetings. Despite initial setbacks, the Technology Director, Mike Burke, sought solutions to enhance sound quality.

“We added the Totem 180 camera in combination with an IPEVO VZ-R document camera that we hung from the ceiling to start livestreaming our school board meetings. We use a streaming software to run both cameras to our YouTube channel. We were having difficulty getting the sound right during the meetings.”

Mike Burke Technology Director at West Noble School Corporation.

The Solution:

In accordance with current state regulations in the US, formal school meetings are required to be live broadcast and recorded. The school corporation strategically chose a combination of the TOTEM 180 Panoramic Conference Camera cover all the board meeting and an
IPEVO VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode Document Camera. Additionally, they implemented IPEVO's
VOCAL HUB (QUARTET) Wireless Audio System, recommended by IPEVO to overcome sound quality issues.

“They have worked great and are very easy to set up. The wireless speakers are great because we have the freedom to move them around for many different meeting set ups. We have had many positive comments from stakeholders about being able to watch our board meetings from home. Thanks IPEVO for a nice solution!"

With a simplified setup devoid of cables or complexity, livestreaming became effortless for the West Noble School Corporation. Mike Burke emphasized how IPEVO's cost-effective and innovative solutions allowed stakeholders to easily participate in board meetings from their homes. This seamless integration of technology has made the school's meetings engaging and accessible, showcasing the effectiveness of value engineering.