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IPEVO iDocCam for iOS

IPEVO iDocCam for iOS

Turn Your iPhone into a
Document Camera.

You can use iDocCam in two ways, the first being using it as a stand-alone app, and the second being using it with IPEVO Visualizer/Visualizer LTSE software. When using it as a stand-alone app, you can view and adjust the live images captured by your iPhone's camera in the app itself. When using it with Visualizer/Visualizer LTSE software*, you can choose your iPhone as the camera source in Visualizer/Visualizer LTSE, and then view, control, and adjust the live images in Visualizer/Visualizer LTSE. In this way, you can turn your iPhone into a document camera for viewing in Visualizer/Visualizer LTSE.

*To use iDocCam with Visualizer/Visualizer LTSE software, both your iPhone (with iDocCam installed) and computer/tablet/Apple TV (with Visualizer/Visualizer LTSE installed) must be connected to the same wireless network.

*Upgrade to the paid version of iDocCam to unlock more features in Visualizer.


Feel Safe Using Our Software

  • No collection or accessing of any personal information.
  • No registration required.
  • All pictures and videos taken are stored on local drive.
  • Easy to be completely uninstalled when not required.

For Use With

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