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Recording the drawing process of a 2D illustrator and designer

Spring Nguyen Case Study

Spring Nguyen, is an illustrator/designer based in Toronto, Canada. Having a graphic design background, her illustration work is inspired by a deep love for nature, the whimsical, and fantasy.

She’s currently a layout designer at Weigl Educational Publishers Ltd and a children's book illustrator. She uses the IPEVO V4K PRO document camera for her design projects that include children’s picture books, editorials, character design, and commercial illustrations.

“The IPEVO document camera is part of my drawing process. I always plug it into my computer so it’s ready to use when I need it. As I work, the camera is right there to take both still photos of my sketch and document my work progress for instructional purposes.
My setup now is always ready for timelapse record video, I just need to open the IPEVO Visualizer app and tada, ready to work! Save me a lot of time.”

In the past, Spring was using an adjustable phone holder and her own phone to record the process video or make a video timelapse.

“It was hard because I have to back and forth adjust the height of the handle to be able to catch the whole view of my work area. With IPEVO, the setup now is easier because I'm able to adjust so that I can bring the camera down closer or higher for my viewing, without standing up and sitting down back and forth.”

The IPEVO Visualizer app helps her show everything on the computer. After finishing the recording, she used to use the cloud to transfer the video back to her computer for editing, but now she doesn’t need to do that, the video itself is ready to edit with just one simple step from the IPEVO Visualizer app.

“One more thing I love is the built-in LED light, I don't need to use extra light for my setup. I was impressed with the performance of this portable-sized unit, very lightweight but sturdy, with great video quality, super easy-to-use interface app, and a built-in AI audio microphone to eliminate background noise, which is great. The camera itself is 8 megapixels and a full 30 FPS, which means everything is super smooth and not choppy.”

“I would definitely recommend IPEVO to other professional artists / illustrators like me. There are so many ways to use it, especially artists can showcase their sketches or any objects of interest instantly or can use it as a webcam for any conference. Besides the recording feature, I can also do slow motion, time-lapse video, or live broadcasts. Can I ask for more?”

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