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IPEVO TOTEM 360 Wins Taiwan Excellence Gold Award The Supreme Honor in Taiwan's Industrial Sector

IPEVO Inc, a leading communications provider, announced today that its “IPEVO TOTEM 360 Immersive Conference Camera + Speakerphone” has won the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Award and the highest honor, the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. This recognition once again highlights IPEVO's outstanding expertise in the design field in Taiwan, showcasing the innovative value of IPEVO combining emerging technologies, user experience, and sustainable development. The Taiwan Excellence Gold Award is a testament to its technological innovation and exceptional design. The Ministry of Economic Affairs invited over 140 domestic experts and scholars to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, and IPEVO excelled in research and development, design, quality, and marketing.

TOTEM 360 Revolutionizes the Conference Experience
The "TOTEM 360" is a revolutionary immersive conference camera/speakerphone designed to enhance the conference experience. Its unique 360° speaker and omnidirectional microphone feature highly sensitive "AI-enhanced" technology, allowing users to participate in meetings without worrying about unclear audio or obscured speakers. Inspired by the smooth, pleasant, easy-to-grip, and stable design of a Japanese sake bottle, the technological challenge behind the design addresses the human eye experience. It utilizes AI chips to achieve four cameras seamlessly stitched, providing video in panoramic 5K resolution. Providing a seamless 360-degree image. The top user-friendly indicator lights interface and built-in multiple modes cater to different needs, including "Conference," "Presentation," "Blended Learning," and "Panoramic" modes. The compact and portable design facilitates flexible switching based on different scene requirements, whether for small, medium, or large meetings, providing the most suitable visual presentation.

TOTEM 360 Revolutionizes the Conference Experience.

About IPEVO Inc.

Since its establishment in 2007, IPEVO has been dedicated to developing professional video communication products, offering efficient video and image software and hardware solutions for the education sector and clients. In 2022, the company officially entered the commercial application field, launching a full series of video conference cameras, committed to assisting users in enhancing the convenience of hybrid communication.