Revolutionising Online Learning: IPEVO's Totem 180 Promotes Inclusive Education for All Students

As a Headmaster of over 20 years of experience and now Director and CEO of @school-in-UK Ltd, an International Education Consultancy, Neil Pockett works with a number of International Schools to improve the quality of education for students.

One of the challenges he faced was the difficulty in involving all students in the online learning experience, which was particularly challenging for absent students joining live classes. This all changed when he discovered IPEVO Totem products.

Before acquiring the Totem 180, they were unable to show both the teacher and the class to absent students, which made the online element of the class disengaging for students and distracting for both the teacher and the class. However, since acquiring IPEVO's Totem 180, the team has noticed a significant change in the whole class experience. Students can now feel more included in the learning experience as they can see the teacher and the whiteboard using the AI facility and individual class members with the EyeStage software.

The Totem 180 has enabled @school-in-UK Ltd to deliver online tuition more effectively and has contributed to a more engaging and interactive learning environment for their students. Impressed with the quality and practicality of IPEVO's products, @school-in-UK Ltd has since acquired multiple document cameras and has even ordered the new Totem 120 as an additional tool for online teaching. Neil wholeheartedly recommends IPEVO's products to other professionals in the education sector and beyond.

“I recommend the IPEVO products as they are practical, good quality and do what they promise. We have a number of document cameras and have now just ordered the new Totem 120 as an additional tool for online teaching.”

Apart from his work with International Schools, Neil is also closely involved with an International Primary School, where they use IPEVO products to their best effect.

“We are also closely involved with an International Primary School with constructing the curriculum, giving training to teachers and holding online lessons for the children. This is where the IPEVO products are used to the best effect.”

Neil’s passion for education has enabled him to make a significant impact in the industry, and his work has not gone unnoticed. He is an accomplished Headmaster with years of experience and has recently transitioned into consulting and advising students and parents of younger children about the best institutions suited for their future education.

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IPEVO products have enabled Neil and his team to significantly improve the online learning experience for students in International Schools. With practical and high-quality products, they have been able to involve all students in the learning experience, regardless of their physical location.

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