Kirksey Middle School

Christy Lacher
Jackson , MS
Sep 7, 2017

I need more interactive/technology supplies for my students as we are limited to resources, which is especially important for Visual ARTS! My goal is to increase students' higher level thinking and to encourage questioning. I aim for students to participate more actively in lessons and express their Ideas more frequently. Students are already curious about other solutions, and through an open-ended approach they can compare and discuss their solutions with one another. As a teacher, I desire to create future artists who will bring their creativity with them as they become anything they desire to be.

*I do not have a SMART board and am in need of an interactive board system-which is how I heard about this page:) I have purchased 3 Ipads using EEF money/fundraising from my school to have students look up inspiration for art-making but an Interactive system was what I was wanting so that I can reach MORE students.