Conemaugh Township Middle/Senior High School

Shaina Sanderson
Davidsville , PA
Nov 5, 2019

I would love to have this gift for my classroom because my students LOVE to sit on the floor to read and do independent work. At my school, we have an enrichment time at the end of the day where students are required to read a book of their choosing independently. It is a challenge to get kids to read, especially children with low reading levels or challenges they encounter when it comes to sitting still for extended periods of time. I know that my low-level 6th graders would really benefit from this PadPillow. I believe it would encourage them to read if they knew they could use the PadPillow on the floor. The Notebooks would also be great for my students. The first thing that came to my mind was allowing students to doodle in the notebooks. They love drawing doodles on my chalkboard to display for as long as possible. If they could doodle in the notebook instead, I could display them on my Doc Cam AND have a permanent collection of all my students little doodles - a perfect keepsake!