How Teacher Nancy uses PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad - Orange in the classroom

Nancy HoatsonSutherland Public School
Sutherland, NE
Oct 17, 2013
I am extremely excited about my IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stands for my classroom iPads. The pillow stands make it possible for students with fidgets and/or stamina issues to use the iPads safely, enhancing their educational opportunities. The pillows create equality for all students in my classroom. I am especially thrilled with the bright colorful orange covers. My students are eager to use these brilliantly colored pillows to enhance learning and practice in all content areas for fluency, speed and stamina. Students eagerly complete their daily work to have a chance to use these pillows with our iPads. Thank you, IPEVO, for your generosity and support of my classroom and my vision for my students' education.