How Teacher Nat uses P2V USB Document Camera & Microscope Adapter for P2V USB Document Camera in the classroom

Nat BoysonBudehaven community school
Bude, United Kingdom
Sep 26, 2013
i received the P2V camera and microscope adapter last week and have to admit i am thoroughly impressed with both the ease of use and also the quality of the image produced. I first used it in "anger" during an alternative learning day with a "CSI" forensic science theme. Students in my groups were looking at fibre samples taken from a crime scene and attempting to match them with a fibre found on the victim of the crime. I was able to very simply show all of the students on the projector what it was they should be looking at and also what they should be looking for. This was excellent because often when doing work with microscopes much of the difficulty in the inital phase it getting the students looking at the correct thing - i have lost count of the number of times i have been flagged down by an excited student only to inform them they are looking at an air bubble. With the ipevo camera it is supremely easy to show all of the students exactly what they should be seeing and give a demonstration of correct microscope use.

This is a fantastic product that will definitely be coming out every time i have microscopes out! Not to mention the benefits of using the camera on its own without the microscope adapter!

thanks Ipevo!