How Teacher Cheryl uses Point 2 View USB Document Camera in the classroom

Cheryl McCroreySouth Elementary School
Mooresville, NC
Mar 18, 2013
Well, I already knew that I would enjoy the document camera and have always wanted one. I just didn't know how much I would use it and love it! One way that I have used it a lot that I hadn't even thought about is reading a story and projecting it on to the Smartboard so that the whole class can see. Students can also come up and read certain parts or refer to print when questions are asked. This gives everyone a close up view of the words. I have used stories to ask questions such as "Could you find the word on the page that means the same as tiny?". The answer was miniature, which was a great vocabulary word. I could go on all day about ways that I have used the camera such as fractions in math, reviewing work, etc. Thank you SO, SO much for making my wish come true!