Eastwood Middle School

Jennifer Conklin
Pemberville , OH
Apr 4, 2018

This would be wonderful to use to charge up the ipads that we use in our classroom each day! Because of a limited budget, I actually purchased ipads personally to use for the students' benefit. Because they get used all the time, during every period, it can really take a toll on the batteries!

The use of ipads in my classroom has revolutionized the way that I teach! My students use them for tasks such as taking attendance, running warm-ups, using the apple pencil to complete worksheets, and for playing interactive review games!

This would be an organized way to charge the ipads during the lunch hour so that they are good to go for afternoon classes! Connecting them to a quality product, where I don't have to worry about whether they are being over or undercharged, means the ipads will not be damaged and will last for many years to come!