Early College Academy

James Groetz II
Canton , OH
Feb 25, 2018

I have 10 iPads in my classroom, however, our classroom is in an old building. So, we only have access to one working outlet in my classroom. Even if I use one power strip, there are not enough slots to charge my devices and use the devices, like a projector and and interactive whiteboard, to help teach and lead the students through lessons. Having the 72 Watt High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger would be a godsend. It would charge my devices faster, as well as consuming less outlets for my charging cords. This would greatly help my students and my teaching to have iPads that I could depend on, instead of being forced to use less, due to dying iPads. "Wish I may, Wish I Might, Have this Wish I Wish, Tonight!...Please, Help Wishpool?!