Plum High School

Nathan Lucas
Pittsburgh , PA
Feb 9, 2018

This year initiated the beginning of our one-to-one program. All incoming Freshmen received a iPad. These are incredible tools for our students to use. In my classroom I encourage my students to use their iPads everyday, through individual and group activities, review games, and everyday planning. One issue I am having right now is that students often forget to charge their iPads over night, or for my classes at the end of the day they have used up their batteries in other classes. I have a limited supply of outlet space for 28 iPads. The 72WHigh Speed 6-Port USB Super Charger would go a long way for my students. They would be able to interact with the day's activities and each other without the fear that any moment they may lose that chance. Thank you very much for the opportunity to improve upon my students academic experience, and allowing me to create a more interactive educational environment.