Willyard Elementary School

Jennifer Hoversten
Ravenna , OH
Oct 11, 2017

In my classroom, we have 5 iPads at our disposal. We are very good about sharing the iPads since we do not have enough for everyone! The only challenge is keeping all of the iPads charged for all my students to be able to use throughout the day. Usually by the afternoon, the iPads run out of juice! Our classroom does not have many outlets due to be an older building. With this being said, it is not always possible to charge all of the iPads for student use. Students use the iPads for Math practice and games. We also use the iPads to play review games such a Kahoot and Quizlet. This gift would help to ensure all students have the ability to use charged technology to enhance their learning. I know that my students would benefit from this gift and would smile from ear to ear to use technology more in math class.