Hamilton E. Holmes

Ms. Wilder
East Point , GA
Apr 20, 2014
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I am a first year teacher in a title I school with no technology and no windows. Because my kids require modifications to learn in their own way; I had a very difficult time this year trying to teach without technology (which is my background). With 8 kids, 3-different curriculums running, and two computers, my students would get very frustrated waiting to go on the computer to learn a skill (sometimes it would cause outburst in my room); it really offsets their mood because they don't understand why they have to wait in order to get 10 minutes on the computer. I'd love to have a fully functioning technology system to teach my kids how to read and write. You should see the light in their eyes when the computers go on. Research has shown that technology works wonder with students with Autism. I would love for you to grant me this wish of receiving the high-definition presentation system and if possible an LCD projector and Ziggi HD doc camera (or anything else you can give). This would mean the world to my students and to me. I've seen the growth in my students, however, I do know the potential that they are capable of and having the appropriate resources to achieve this goals is essential. I would purchase myself, but my money goes towards making sure my students have supplies and food before they walk out the door to go home. I am slotted to loop with my kids next year, in the same classroom. I'd love for them to walk in the door and be ready to learn with a fully functioning classroom that has technology. I want to make that dream come true for them. Many blessings.

- A teacher in need