Barack Obama Green Charter High School

Tanya Sulikowski
Plainfield , NJ
Sep 7, 2013
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My urban students have lacked access to things so many of us take for granted, green spaces to play and explore in, fresh air and clean water to enjoy or opportunities to participate in meaningful science lessons.

The document camera and microscope adapter would be a great tool for my new Trout in the Classroom project. This is a unit designed for urban students to learn the importance of clean water, not only for the brook trout they are raising, but also for the other organisms, including people. Students will raise brook trout from eggs ultimately release them into a trout stream in New Jersey.

The process will teach students how to care for living things, what specific environmental conditions must be met for survival and the importance of trout in food webs of aquatic systems. Students will use the microscope adapter to help identify insects in New Jersey streams and use this data to predict if the streams are suitable habitats for their trout release.

The connections they make will inspire a love of nature and an appreciation for the delicate balance needed to support life.

In the coming years, the public will more frequently be called upon to understand complex environmental issues and understand how individual decisions affect the environment at local and global scales. This project, in conjunction with our other environmental education projects, will help to create a more scientifically informed and critically thinking group of citizens with a strong sense of social responsibility.