Roosevelt High School

Rebecca Oberg
Minneapolis , MN
Dec 20, 2019
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I would love to be able to provide some of my students who use writing and journaling as a way to process emotions and mental health issues with a journal to use in English class for creative writing and free writes. I work in an urban high school and supporting students in their writing skills is one of the most important aspects of my job. Also, I have many students who struggle with issues of homelessness and high mobility, and for them, having the ability to charge their devices while at school really eases a stress in their lives that may seem minor but is really essential for their communication with family and friends. These items would improve the lives of my students in my classroom. When I have provided students with journals in the past, they take it as an opportunity to really increase the quantity of their writing, and often this causes an increase in their focus in class. Many of my students are very artistic and like to draw as well, so I could see using the journals in that way too. Thank you so much for your consideration!