Barger Academy

Krishna Litchfield
Chattanooga , TN
Jul 5, 2019

I need this Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System because I teach at a school that has over three fourths of the students that come from low income households, which means that they don't have access to a lot of technology. I need this because it is so very important that my students have a hands on learning experience in my classroom and with this piece of technology it would be the missing piece to complete our learning in our classroom. My students need this to fully engage in their learning on a daily basis. With the help of this Interactive Whiteboard System, students will be able to bring their learning alive and fun all at the same time. This system will help in my teaching by keeping my students fully engaged and on their toes as they get to experience using the whiteboard system! This Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System will also help better prepare them for the future in their daily interactions using technology. My students would be so grateful to have this in our classroom!!!