Selvidge Middle School

Ronelle Rapp
Ballwin , MO
Apr 30, 2019

A document camera would support my instruction in several ways.

First, students and I practice annotating texts all year long. As a reading strategy, annotating enables kids to actively engage with their text, which in turn supports their deeper comprehension and analysis of text. Additionally, annotating allows kids to reflect on their reading in a way that also supports their writing. They are generating ideas and questions as they read, so by the time they finish reading, they have great ideas about how they can respond in writing to what they have read. A document camera will help me to model my thinking and effective annotations in a live-action fashion.

Additionally, we do a lot of "quick writes" in class. Students sometimes struggle to develop their ideas and write prolifically for a given amount of time (5-10 minutes). They often stop after just a couple of sentences. Using a document camera, I can "quick write" right along with them. They can see how I branch off my ideas, bounce back and forth between ideas, and how I am not worried about perfect but, instead, focused on the volume of writing that I can revisit and revise later.

Lastly, a document camera will be useful to the essay writing and revising process. I can model the work I expect kids to practice -- such as notecard creation and organization, essay planning, and essay revisions.

Thanks for the consideration. This is an AWESOME opportunity for teachers!