How Teacher Patrick uses Point 2 View USB Document Camera in the classroom

Patrick WollamShepherdsville Elementary School
Shepherdsville, KY
Feb 8, 2013
Wow! I can not believe the excitement that my kids are showing about sharing their learning! All because of two little Ipevo Point 2 View cameras....the excitement is overwhelming! So far we have shared together division with remainders, equal fractions, adding fractions, and even our writing. My students have loved sharing their work and have quickly learned how to share ideas and discuss why we are right or why we were wrong! For my friends this is a huge step in confidence...willing to share their work and ideas without fear of anyone being mean or making fun....because once it hits the big screen it becomes all of our's work! All because of two little Point 2 View cameras!

Thanks WIshpool for makeing my wish come true!

Patrick Wollam
Shepherdsville Elementary
Shepherdsville, Kentucky