How Teacher Cathy uses IPEVO Bundle (1 IPEVO USB SuperCharger and 5 IPEVO Notebooks) in the classroom

Cathy BreisacherFoot of Ten Elementary School
Duncansville, PA
Feb 11, 2020
I have a group of 3rd grade students who are enthusiastic about writing their own stories and having a "book" in the library for other students to check out! These students began brainstorming their stories last week. The plan is for each of them to write and revise their stories, and then transfer them to these notebooks. Each one will draw a cover for their book on the cover of the notebook. I will then include their books in the library collection. They are very excited!

I also am using the SuperCharger with my iPads. I no longer have to find multiple places to plug them in.

Thank you, IPEVO, for making an impact on my library and my students!