How Teacher Leann uses IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System in the classroom

Leann IacuoneMartin Luther King High School
Riverside, CA
Nov 25, 2019
My students and faculty love the IPEVO Wireless Interactive Whiteboard. This allows me and my students to have small presentations in corners and areas around the room. This device has allowed students to practice their presentation in a corner during class to prepare for the large group and interactive white board. In addition, I have been able to take an LCD projector and this device to small conference rooms and do interactive presentations with small groups of parents like the School Site Council, Parent Teacher Student Association and our groups such as our English Learner and African American parents. The interactivity of the pen allows me to draw diagrams, write questions or highlight parts of the presentation making the information more personal for the group I am working with.

Just Wednesday, I presented to a group about grieving students, which I was able to do in a small conference room as seen in the picture. This allowed for a more intimate group where people felt they could ask questions and share about situations they were experiencing in the classroom.