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IPEVO X1-N6 Internet Conference Station
X1-N6 Internet Conference Station
Model Number:  5-817-2-0800 
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  • System Requirements
  • PC and Mac with USB port
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • VoIP software
  • support list
  • Audio Description
  • Voice sampling rate: 16KHz
  • Communication: Full Duplex
  • Echo cancellation: up to 60dB
  • Support AGC (auto gain control) function
  • 60dB

X1-N6 Internet Conference Station

Lecture Around the World and Back Again

Today's powerful voice and video conferencing applications open up new audiences to educators around the world. Take full advantage of Internet-based voice communication for education and business with IPEVO's X1-N6 Internet Conference Station. With its ability to both receive and transmit sound with crystal clarity in 360 degrees, the X1-N6 is a must-have tool for remote teaching, webinars, and meetings.

Using a standard USB port on Mac or PC, plug in X1-N6 and get ready to enjoy rich, clear audio thanks to a 16-bit Digital Signal Processor which samples audio at 16KHz. The X1-N6 operates in full duplex to provide efficient two-way simultaneous communication, and advanced background noise filtering and echo cancellation technology make listening a pleasure for both parties.

usage The X1-N6 will pick up voices in 360 degrees and at a range of up to 5 meters (5.4 yards) to give you all the flexibility you need, even for large groups. Speak from across the room, and still be heard clearly! One-touch volume and mute controls, a headphone jack, and bright LED status indicators are other smart features.

usagePair the X1-N6 with the Point 2 View USB Document Camera for a complete remote teaching and conferencing solution. Whether you use Skype, iChat, GoToMeeting, or many other popular apps, you'll transmit stunning real-time video and high-quality audio for students, colleagues, and co-workers.

usageThe X1-N6 is ready to keep you at the cutting edge of remote teaching and global collaborations. The world just got a lot smaller.

Hold valuable, collaborative conversations very easily
  • Hold valuable, collaborative conversations very easily

  • We will be scheduling first quarter conferences soon, and we always have a good number of parents who just can't make it during the allotted time frame.

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Connecting teachers with parents
  • Connecting teachers with parents

  • My fellow teachers were very interested to see how the conferencing station works. The conferencing station has allowed us to set-up conferences with parents that cannot make it into the building during our 8-3 school day.

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Wonderful success with this conference station
  • Wonderful success with this conference station

  • I have had wonderful success with this conference station. I currently use it as a microphone to record my video lessons.

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IPEVO made Hartman's wish a reality
  • IPEVO made Hartman's wish a reality

  • Our IB Spanish students were able to Skype with a soccer player from Costa Rica. We used the iPevo camera as well as the conference station and it worked perfectly in a large classroom.

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IPEVO made Wegley's wish a reality
  • IPEVO made Wegley's wish a reality

  • We hold several webinar video conferences and struggle with all participants hearing the remote speaker and participating by talking or engaging with the presenter. The Internet Conference Station came to the rescue recently when we had a large viewing audience. All participants could hear the presenter clearly, and no one had to lean so far forward and shout into the mic like we normally do! What a welcomed relief! Look how easy the set up is Plug and PLAY! - That's it!

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IPEVO made Adams's wish a reality
  • IPEVO made Adams's wish a reality

  • I have really enjoyed the IPEVO Internet Conference Station. It has come in handy recently. I had a group of 4 people in my office and we were all trying to listen in on a webinar. This great conference station allowed all of us to hear the webinar speaker. It is great because I travel between three buildings. It is light way and easy to carry around. Since receiving this gift, I have been able to use it many times and had success!! Thank you wishpool!

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IPEVO made Stachel's wish a reality
  • IPEVO made Stachel's wish a reality

  • The beauty of this device is that I can be anywhere in the room, away from the computer, and we can all still hear each other great during the daily meetings.

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Point 2 View (P2V) USB Document Camera

Point 2 View (P2V) USB Document Camera