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Microscope Adapter Set for Point 2 View Camera Now Available from IPEVO; Four-Adapter Set Helps Project Microscopic Content for Science Classrooms

May 14, 2013

Chemistry professors, high school science teachers, and other educators now have a new way to share the tiny world underneath the microscope. Ed tech company IPEVO has just announced the newest add-on accessory for their popular Point 2 View USB Document Camera. This accessory, the Microscope Adapter Set, allows users to affix the Point 2 View camera body to a microscope eyepiece. The real-time video image can then be projected onto a large screen for lab sessions, lecture demonstrations and similar.

The Microscope Adapter Set consists of flexible rubber adapters which are designed to fit the majority of commonly-used microscopes in educational settings. This includes two S-Type adapters for straight eyepieces, and two L-Type adapters for angled eyepieces. Both the S-Type and L-Type come in 28mm and 33mm diameters for a total of four adapters in the set. A tough rubber construction allows the adapters to be slightly stretched to accommodate eyepieces with larger diameters.

After the correct adapter is mounted to the microscope eyepiece, the Point 2 View's lightweight 2 Megapixel camera body can be detached from its stand and fitted into the adapter. Note that the Point 2 View camera is sold separately. After some fine-tuning and adjustment, the Point 2 View will capture what a human viewer could see through the eyepiece. This real-time video is sent to either PC or Mac via the IPEVO Presenter software. From there, the video could be projected onto a large screen for an entire classroom or audience.

"The Microscope Adapter Set is another way for the Point 2 View to bring educational content closer to students," said Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design of IPEVO. "Subjects at the microscopic level can be projected with a high degree of clarity onto a large screen, a prospect which is sure to excite science educators. High-budget items like microscopes are usually in short supply, and normally students might have to take turns at the microscope or simply miss out on an exciting learning opportunity. The Adapter Set gives all students the chance to see and learn at the same time."

The Microscope Adapter Set as well as the Point 2 View USB Document Camera are now available at the IPEVO Online Store at The product page for the Adapter Set offers a brief tutorial for how to best tune and align the camera and adapter for presentation.


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