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S0-20 Wi-Fi Skype Phone

S0-20 Wi-Fi Skype Phone

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Firmware Upgrade (Mac) version
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I cannot sign in to my Skype account using S0-20.
What other Skype Services are available through the S0-20? Or is it only for Skype-to-Skype calls?
Can I use the S0-20 when traveling between different locations in the same way as mobile phones?
How do I import my contact list onto the S0-20?
What languages does the S0-20 support? I have Skype contacts from different countries. Will their contact information be displayed correctly?
Is the S0-20 only for registered Skype users?
Where can the S0-20 be used?
Do I need to download the Skype software to the S0-20? How do I make sure I have the latest version of Skype on my phone?
Does the S0-20 Wi-Fi phone for Skype operate completely independently from my computer or laptop?
Is there a way to record a voicemail greeting on the SO-20?
I have a Skype WiFi phone that looks exactly like S0-20. If it is from IPEVO, can you offer a firmware upgrade?
Is the battery BL-5CT from Nokia compatible with S0-20?
Can I have a conference call on S0-20?
I want to lock the keypad
Does S0-20 support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)?
What do all the screen icons mean?
I cannot hear ringtones when receiving a call.
I want to change the country code.
Can I use S0-20 at any Wi-Fi hotspot?
How do I create an ad-hoc wireless network for the S0-20?
I can't connect to my wireless router.
I cannot enter an extension number.
Can you suggest a compatible headset for the S0-20?
My settings are gone whenever my battery drains completely. How can I fix that?
What is a compatible battery for the S0-20?
S0-20's battery runs out very quickly.
I cannot receive voicemail on S0-20.
My S0-20 does not turn on.
The voice/ringtone volume is too low.
There is echo during calls.