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  • Mirror-Cam attaches to the built-in webcam of your laptop. Then, thanks to its mirror piece, Mirror-Cam allows the webcam to capture and stream the reflection of everything that happens over the keyboard to the screen.

  • Mirror-Cam can be attached to flat surfaces only, like those of laptop screens. Mirror-Cam can't be securely attached to any object that is not flat and exceeds the maximum required thickness of 6mm.

  • No, all you need to do is to attach it to the webcam of your laptop.

  • Mirror-Cam doesn't need electricity or a battery in order to function.

  • Mirror-Cam has flexible flaps that are adjustable and fit a wide range of laptops & Chromebooks. We would recommend attaching Mirror-Cam to devices with screen depth that is not thicker than 0.24" (6mm).

  • Mirror-Cam doesn't require any additional software to function. You can access Mirror-Cam images via your webcam using any video streaming software that you use to stream your laptop camera video. Some examples of the software include the built-in video apps such as Windows Camera or Facetime; or video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, or Microsoft Team. To stream Mirror-Cam images conveniently, we would recommend using our free Visualizer software. The software comes with features such as Rotate, Mirror, and Vertical Keystone that help you produce the most engaging images with your Mirror-Cam. You can download Visualizer for free at

    Once you attach Mirror-Cam to your laptop and launch the software of your choice, select the built-in camera of your laptop as the video source via the “select device” menu. In Visualizer, for example, the select device menu is located on the left toolbar.

  • The image quality is influenced by webcam, Mirror-Cam and the software that you are using. If there is an issue with the image resolution, focus or overall quality, please make sure that the settings of your webcam have no issue. Please try to remove Mirror-Cam and see whether the issue persists.

    If you're using IPEVO Visualizer software, go to Resolution settings and select the desired resolution. If you are using different software to stream or record your video, please choose the image settings based on the particular software options.

  • Please adjust the side flaps of Mirror-Cam so that they don't block the view of your webcam. Also, make sure that you position Mirror-Cam right above the webcam's center.

  • Please go to and submit your question directly to our customer support.

  • If you require to show an image that is not mirrored, please open the IPEVO Visualizer app, and use the “Mirror” + “Horizontal” function. 

  • Many communication/video conferencing apps mirror images automatically, but that doesn't include the image that is being shown to the other caller/participant on the receiving end. It only includes the preview that can be seen on your side. To show an image that is not mirrored, share your screen via the communication app and display the Visualizer video feed.

  • Note that on each side of Mirror-Cam's flaps, there are two grooves: an inner groove and an outer groove. Ensure that each flap has been folded in both of the grooves before you snap Mirror-Cam into a flat position.

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