Document Scanner

Ultra-Fast Scanning
One Page per Second

Scan and digitize documents, books, and business cards efficiently with the help of AI. Then turn the results into text in over 200 languages.

Dedicated Scanning Modes

Choose the scanning mode that fits your scenario and find clever tools that make your work easy.

AI Image Preprocessing

When scanning, SnapCapture's integrated AI takes care of a number of tasks for you, making your life easier.

When holding books open during scanning, your fingers get automatically removed from the resulting image. The scanned materials are cropped automatically, or the way you choose.
Digitized documents look professional, thanks to the function White Background, which makes the page content stand out while increasing the brightness of the background only. Edge imperfections are then corrected by Edge Fill.

Auto Crop
Keystone Correction(Documents & Cards)
Finger Removal(in Book Mode)
Edge Fill
White Background

Turn Scanned Documents into Text in 200+ Languages

IPEVO SnapCapture OCR uses advanced optical character recognition technology from ABBYY.

Easy to Store and Carry

IPEVO document cameras, scanning pad, and scanning mat can all be folded and easily transported.

Three Powerful Tools Working as One

IPEVO document camera together with a professional scanning base and the IPEVO SnapCapture OCR scanning software, with world-class OCR technology.

IPEVO cameras are equipped with Ultra HD image sensors from Sony and allow free height and camera angle adjustments. Use this to zoom in and out whenever you need to.

Ultra HD Sony
Image Sensor
Plug and Play
Foldable & Portable

Whenever you need to zoom in on a small document or card, you can move the lens of the camera closer to the scanned materials.

There are two options to choose from. A scanning pad and a scanning mat.
Both provide a uniform scanning background, that contrasts with the scanned materials, making your work easier.

The gridlines on the scanning pad and mat help you maintain a consistent document alignment.

Fold your pad or roll up your mat for convenient storage and transportation.

When using V4K or DO-CAM, the scanning pad elevates the document camera, further increasing its image capture area and allowing the scanning of Tabloid/A3-sized materials.

*The scanning pad is only compatible with V4K and DO-CAM document cameras.

Choose one of the dedicated scanning modes, which contain sets of convenient tools designed specifically for each of the corresponding scenarios.

Windows® 10 or above | MacOS 11.3 or higher

AI Image Preprocessing Features
200+ Languages
Hands-Free Scanning
Scan Editing
ExportJPG / TIFF /
Text-Based PDF /
PPT / Word Doc / Excel Sheet /
Simultaneous scanningUp to 4 Cards/IDs

Doubles up as a Document Camera and a Webcam

All the document cameras that are part of the Document Scanner can be used in other scenarios, such as video presentations, online teaching, and in-class visualization. Additionally, by flipping the camera head upward, you can switch from a doc cam to a webcam in just a short moment.

Choose the Perfect Document Scanner for You

Education / Teaching / Learning

V4K-S Document Scanner A3

Part Number: B-917-0-08-00 Include:
V4K / Scanner Pad / IPEVO SnapCapture OCR - Unlimited

Software-only Purchase

IPEVO SnapCapture OCR - Unlimited

Part Number: S-000-0-08-00

IPEVO SnapCapture OCR - 3years

Part Number: S-000-0-08-30

IPEVO SnapCapture OCR - 1year

Part Number: S-000-0-08-10