Integrating IPEVO Document Cameras into Hybrid Teaching Solution

DIGI@Education Case Study

The pandemic has altered many aspects of our lives, and that includes how and where we work. Work from home became the normalized way of living, and teachers were forced to transition to online teaching overnight. Founded in the wake of Germany’s first COVID-19 lockdown, DIGI@Education is a German company that trains teachers on how to effectively do so as schools close their doors.

Having worked closely with teachers, they came to know the pain points, needs, and issues of online, and later, hybrid teaching that teachers faced in the changing education landscape. So, by utilizing their know-how experience accumulated during their previous career as healthcare system consultants, they developed an “All-in-one-Studio” solution — DIGI@mobile — that enables teachers to turn physical lessons into hybrid lessons with just a push of a button.

As visualization forms the core of a hybrid lesson, the ability to present oneself and any content interactively and clearly is highly sought after by many teachers. And this is where DIGI@Education found a real need to integrate a document camera into their solution:

“Document cameras are very important tools for hybrid teaching.”

In view of this, they gave IPEVO document cameras a try. Performing beyond their expectations, they found the integration process extremely easy and the image quality extraordinary:

“IPEVO document cameras can be directly mounted to our DIGI@mobile solution and provide perfect quality images directly from the classroom.”

Before deciding on IPEVO, they experimented with a few other brands of document cameras, but the results were not satisfactory:

“During early testing of our solution, we had problems with connectivity and mounting the document cameras.”

However, with the multi-jointed stand, swiveling head, and plug-and-play design of IPEVO document cameras, everything falls perfectly into place:

“With IPEVO’s product, especially with the swiveling head, we could solve these problems easily. They just work and integrate perfectly with our product (DIGI@mobile).”

When asked what makes IPEVO document cameras stand out, they said:

“High image and product quality, plus the swiveling head.”

In fact, many users of DIGI@mobile are very pleased with the integration:

“Our customers are very happy with the quality, and we get the feedback that it (IPEVO document camera) is a very user-friendly application.”

Summarizing the role of IPEVO document cameras in DIGI@Education’s hybrid teaching solution:

“Hybrid teaching and hybrid meetings are hard enough as it is. Making the hardware work easily, simply, and dependably is our effort to your (schools’ and teachers’) success. IPEVO products help us make it happen.”