Reinforcing Special Education

Visual communication tools hand in hand when supporting special education

LetaAnn Miller Case Study

LetaAnn Miller is a special education teacher in the largest school district in the state of Georgia. Prior to teaching, LetaAnn spent eight years working with individuals with autism and other developmental differences in schools, homes, virtual, and community settings. Having such an opportunity afforded LetaAnn the ability to develop various perspectives of learning, teaching, and supporting students prior to the pandemic and strengthened the desire to find solutions to teaching digitally.

Despite being faced with multiple challenges during the pandemic, both the V4K and iDocCam software have allowed LetaAnn to transition to online teaching with ease while still retaining the engaging element of her teaching.

“When teachers were introduced to IPEVO, it allowed teachers to manipulate the camera’s view, split screens between instructional material, teacher view, and more. Also, it allowed teachers more flexibility in movement while teaching. For instance, once I had the IPEVO software, I could bend my document camera to where it was standing up so my students could see me standing and teaching and not sitting behind a screen without using multiple devices and trying to juggle platforms. Also, it allowed me to manage students and behavior more effectively and provide students with more reinforcement while teaching. Such a simple “tech hack” with the addition of software and materials already provided in the classroom allowed for better teaching without an added financial burden on individuals.”

Before integrating IPEVO products into her teaching, LetaAnn explains:

“Despite having many plans to boost student engagement and learning during digital instruction, doing such a task initially involved multiple components of technology and many pieces of equipment. Expanding the steps to provide quality instruction also expanded the room for error and for technological blips. Witnessing struggles in classrooms I supported and within my own lessons, I easily recognized the need for a more streamlined process of technology.”

LetaAnn saw both efficiency and engagement rise considerably, resulting in a much better experience all around. She explains:

“With the addition of the IPEVO products, I was able to eliminate multiple steps of meeting with students online, providing instruction and sharing materials. This afforded opportunities for varied instruction and building stronger connections with all students.”

As an passionate and dedicated educator, LetaAnn was successful in utilizing IPEVO products for not only herself but also for the whole county. She summarizes:

“When considering life over the past year, returning to big pictures, struggles, and deficits is easy. Conversely, when moments of success or improvements are broken apart and considered for every piece, the magnitude of its impact is amplified. I am beyond grateful for the addition of IPEVO to our county, school, and classroom. Not only did their customer service team go above and beyond to troubleshoot issues and develop a meaningful connection when interactions with others are vastly different, they provided educators, students, and families with meaningful change and lasting impact.“