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ArtVersion Case Study

ArtVersion Creative Agency was founded in 1999 by Goran Paunovic. ArtVersion helps Fortune 500 companies, large corporations, mid-sized companies, and even start-ups elevate their web design and user experience (UX) design efforts.

ArtVersion’s portfolio of work has been featured internationally in the Vega Digital Awards and MUSE Creative Awards, both of which are competitions orchestrated by the prestigious International Awards Associate (IAA). Currently, founder Goran Paunovic uses IPEVO’s VZ-X products “as a tool for web usability and user testing in relation to web design & development.” Goran emphasizes:

“It’s a key resource in helping us identify the behavioral trends and decision-making that happens on the websites or applications we design.”

Goran Paunovic Founder of ArtVersion.

Before acquiring IPEVO’s products, Goran explains:

“[ArtVersion’s] process of ‘designing for experience’ was a bit more trial-and-error. The ways in which we’d be able to pinpoint specific user behavior or action points was more of a guessing game prior to our introduction to the IPEVO’s VZ-X product in particular. Additionally, ‘designing for experience’ thoroughly was a lot more strenuous and time-consuming because there wasn’t a piece of technology we knew about that could guide the process along efficiently.”

Thanks to the IPEVO VZ-X document camera, ArtVersion has gained more clarity about how to better develop user journeys that optimize a web experience:

“Our team can make thoughtful observations after breaking down concrete data that will lead to more answers. Assessing accurate behavioral data is critical in product or experiential design, and IPEVO’s VZ-X product enables our creative processes to be more relevant to clients (and, subsequently, online users). IPEVO’s VZ-X product validates the behavioral analytics we covet and, thus, represents a means to more responsive web design for the ArtVersion team."

Recently, ArtVersion’s own website was recognized by awwwwards for its user experience (UX) design capabilities, storytelling narratives, and mobile excellence. As such, Goran strongly recommends IPEVO’s products to web and graphic design professionals:

“For others in the design space, the VZ-X product is an agile product that can contribute to dynamic user experiences. Additionally, its ability to help compile data can be applicable to a wide range of other industries beyond just web design or graphic design. Beyond the technical components of the VZ-X product, it’s also a terrific tool for encouraging collaboration and information-sharing when it has wireless connectivity to project on a big screen.”

ArtVersion, four-time winner of the Vega Digital Awards.