When technology meets innovation and wellbeing

Case Study

Jay Berger is a seasoned physical therapist with over 30 years of experience. She holds certifications in LSVT BIG, Pulmonary Rehab, AARC/AACVPR, OTAGO, and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Her writings have been published for lay people in Costco’s magazine, as well as for clinical professionals in clinical journals and research articles.

Jay combines her years of experience, technology, and the human touch to provide online physical and occupational rehabilitation, prevention, and wellness to patients in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. As a co-founder of Virtual Kare, she provides her services over a secure internet connection. IPEVO’s VZ-X document camera has allowed Jay to maintain a human connection with her clients while virtually guiding them through physical therapy:

“I primarily use [the document camera] as a whiteboard and as a second camera. [It’s a way] to share a visual with a client without needing to share my screen and then not be able to view the client.”

The VZ-X document camera allows Jay to simultaneously view her clients, use a whiteboard, and share materials. Before using IPEVO products, Jay explains:

“I either had to hold something up to the screen if not on the computer, take a picture of it and share that or share the screen, losing the visual of my client or vice versa where they could not see me at the same time.”

Because of its “ease of use,” Jay now recommends IPEVO document cameras to professionals like herself:

“It opens up the opportunity to provide more visual information by the 2nd camera and the whiteboard.”