Special Ed

Special Education and accessible virtual communication tools

Case Study

Barbara Mayer, Black Partridge Public Day School Professor , projecting class lessons on to a big screen.

Shawn Joraanstad is the Assistant Director of Black Partridge Public Day School. This center offers a program that focuses on helping students with significant social/emotional/behavioral needs.

Shawn Joranstad.

Because Black Partridge's work is extremely sensitive, their staff needed the best teaching tools they could get in order to develop lessons in a better and flexible way, and that's when they found IPEVO.

When asked about IPEVO, Barb Mayer, veteran teacher at BP said "I found IPEVO when I went to a Saturday teacher workshop in Roanoke about 3 years ago. Pre smartboards, I had used an archaic device which we just called an "ELMO". I would be using a whiteboard to write out EVERYTHING. This was very tedious for our class of students with Social Emotional/Learning disabilities, sensory issues and some students on the autism spectrum disorder."

IPEVO's document cameras gave Shawn, Barb and the entire BP teaching staff the flexibility to present their class lessons in a more dynamic way, which was reflected in the performance of their students.

Barb further stated "with the IPEVO, projecting onto a TV, allows access to all of the room as well as having a copy of whatever we worked on to be in view of all students. When I start the lessons, the students automatically turn their attention to the lesson on the screen. They know exactly what we are working on."

With the inclusion of IPEVO technology in their classrooms, Shawn affirmed that he would recommend IPEVO to other staff.

"Definitely, we now have them for all of our teachers! We are a small, new school serving students with Social Emotional Disabilities and the IPEVO is an economical and reliable alternative to lesson presentation."