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IPEVO Launches VC-A10: Elevating Virtual Communication Express Freely with a Compact and Flexible USB Speakerphone.

[Sunnyvale, CA, Oct. 18th, 2023] - IPEVO has launched the VC-A10, a portable USB speakerphone designed to enhance virtual communication in the ever-evolving work landscape. In a world where the COVID-19 pandemic has altered our work habits, making remote and hybrid work the new normal, the VC-A10 is here to make communication easier for users in their daily lives.

The VC-A10 is compatible with the latest devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, thanks to its USB Type-C connectivity, making it a versatile tool for any situation. It simplifies video conferencing setup by extending your computer's audio range, ensuring outstanding audio quality in meetings. Its 360-degree omnidirectional microphone provides complete sound coverage, making it ideal for small huddle rooms, spaces without audio facilities, and work-from-home environments.

Setting up the VC-A10 is effortless with its "plug and play" USB connection. The intelliGo AI chip, powered by machine learning and based on over 5 million data points, reduces background noise and enhances voice clarity. A standout feature is IPEVO's Dynamic Sound Technology, which optimizes audio quality, resulting in an immersive audio experience. Whether you're in a meeting, attending an online class, or participating in a webinar, the VC-A10 ensures that you hear and are heard with unmatched clarity.


The VC-A10, adding yet another choice to your array of communication devices, offers versatility like never before. Enjoy superb sound without the need to huddle around your computer, thanks to its outstanding microphone and speaker coverage. It's perfect for work-from-home setups, effortlessly muting and eliminating background noise for uninterrupted and clear communication. Additionally, its exceptional audio quality elevates online learning and webinars, enhancing teaching effectiveness and the overall learning experience. Experience clarity and fluidity with the IPEVO VC-A10. Say goodbye to unclear audio, where meetings are as clear as if you were in the same room.


  1. Equipped with a 360-degree omnidirectional microphone, providing all-around high-quality audio capture.
  2. Features intelliGo AI voice enhancement, eliminating environmental noise while preserving natural voices.
  3. Utilizes IPEVO Dynamic Sound Technology for dynamic, premium audio quality that immerses listeners in lifelike sound.
  4. Compact and portable, enabling effortless connectivity to on-the-go.
  5. Plug-and-play functionality, requiring no installation or charging.

For more information and to explore the possibilities, visit VC-A10 - Overview | IPEVO – IPEVO US.

About IPEVO Inc.

IPEVO is a leading brand of professional video conferencing products. Since its establishment in 2007, IPEVO has been committed to transforming the industry by creating simple yet powerful solutions to improve the efficiency of remote communication. In 2022 IPEVO launched a full range of video-conferencing cameras, entering the market of professional conferencing devices to meet the increasing demand for hybrid conferencing solutions that are quickly becoming an equal alternative to personal meetings. Through advanced technology and intuitive user experience, IPEVO’s cameras can easily transform any location into an online meeting space, giving users maximum convenience for online video communication. By constantly introducing innovative features and product designs, IPEVO strives to maximize the video communication experience of its users.