What is Wishpool

IPEVO believes that every child deserves a technology-rich education, and that hardworking educators deserve to be empowered with IPEVO's newest and best classroom tools. That's how Wishpool came about. Every day, we're directly working with teachers and their supporters to find ways to improve the education experience — often at no cost.

When educators make a wish, we try to find a way to make that wish come true

When educators make a wish, we try to find a way to make that wish come true

How We Can Help

Wishpool is a pioneering program intended to get education technology into the hands of more teachers.

Improve Education

Improve Education

Wishpool gives educators the chance to reach their students in better and more impactful ways, thus ultimately improving education for our children and giving them the skills and knowledge to someday make their own dreams come true.

Assist Teachers in Teaching

Assist Teachers in Teaching

We recognize that school and classroom budgets are tight and that sometimes it's hard to justify extra costs for new education technology. But when teachers have access to the right tools, extraordinary things can happen in the classroom.

Give Back to Educators

Give Back to Educators

Wishpool is our way of giving back to the education community by providing free or discounted IPEVO technology to deserving teachers making a difference every day in the lives of their students.

Let Us Know Your Story

Are you an educator with a technology wish for your classroom or school? We would like to hear from you. It's easy (and, of course, free) to "Make a Wish" and share your unique story with us. While we can't fulfill everyone's wish, we'll try to find a way to make yours come true. Here's what you need to do:


Step 1 Sign Up with School Email Address

Use your school email address to create an account with Wishpool. After submission, you'll receive a validation email from Wishpool.


Step 2 View This Month's Gift

We will provide a different IPEVO product for educators every month to assist you in creating a more efficient and better teaching environment. If you find it to be the right product for your classroom, make a wish!


Step 3 Make a Wish

Share your story — in words and/or in pictures — and tell us why you feel your students will benefit from an IPEVO product.


Step 4 Fulfill Your Wish

We will inform you via email whether or not we can fulfill your wish.


Step 5 Share Your Story

Lastly, if your wish is fulfilled, we would like to know how it's going! Share your new story with us, and it may be featured in our "A Wish Come True" section.

Thank you in advance, and we're looking forward to hearing your story and helping you achieve even more in your classroom.