Windham Primary School

Hannah Bernier
Windham , ME
Nov 25, 2018

My students are amazing little humans. Each student is their own individual and each of them have their own needs and wants. I have a number of students with sensory needs in my classroom and having a quiet space to themselves is sometimes needed. I have a desk away from peers that students can choose to sit at. Having a quiet little space that is special to them with a desk lamp and supplies would be an amazing benefit for them as students and as people. I appreciate when my students discover how they best learn and begin to advocate respectfully for themselves. We also plan numerous games in our classroom and to save of resources (paper mainly) the sleeves and dry erase markers will be a great way for students to show what they know in a fun and engaging way.

Thank you for considering supporting our classroom of amazing people and helping me to meet their various needs.