New Heights Elementary

Kylie Melby
East Grand Forks , MN
Apr 3, 2018

I am a teacher in a second grade classroom full of special learners. They are willing to take on any challenge that I present to them. Our iPads are always on duty while in the classroom! One downfall to having our iPads so busy is that the battery is constantly running low or they are dead when we need them most. I know the 72W High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger would be used A TON in our classroom, and so appreciated by all. Our iPads are currently used our reading centers, math centers, seesaw to show off our learning, and other various apps that help support learners in our classroom. With the help of the SuperCharger I could ensure that our iPads are up and running all day during our five day school week. Students would be able to continue learning in the classroom without having to wait for the iPad to charge in a separate room where they do not have access to it. I can't put into words how much this would be appreciated. Thank you for your consideration!