Farmington High School

Ashley Boutelle
Farmington , MN
Feb 18, 2018

At Farmington High School we have 1:1 iPads. I use the iPads with my students every day. We use Schoology as our Learning Management System and our Spanish textbook is an etext. I am constantly searching for new apps and programs that I can use with my students to build creativity and independence such as PicCollage, iMovie, Bai Board, and FlipGrid.

I would say that on average 5-10 kids need to charge their iPads during my class on a daily basis. My students have to then find a spot by the wall and charge their iPads throughout the class period. I only have so many outlets in my room which can make it tricky. If I had the High-Speed 6 Port SuperCharger, I would quickly be able to charge my student's iPads so they could sit in their normal spots and work without having to be connected to an outlet for the entire class period. Not only would I appreciate this product, but I know my students would as well.