Plum Senior High School

Eric Gillis
Plum , PA
Feb 13, 2018

I teach academically challenged 9th graders in a rigorous Algebra 1 course. This Algebra 1 course covers a multitude of topics and places more challenges with the state requirement Keystone Exam at the end of the year.

This gift would be beneficial as our school district has provided students with individualized iPads for our 9th grade students to help achieve greater academic success. We use a lot of various apps and programs on the iPads which helps engage students learning.

The issue and why this month's gift would be great is the fact that multiple teachers use student's iPad and there battery life does not retain for the entire day. My classroom is near the cafetaria and plan to have students drop off their ipads to charge during the middle of the day. This would help allow kids to utilize their iPads throughout their day with full charge.