Saint Gregory the Great Academy

Dana J-Hoover
Hamilton , NJ
Nov 19, 2017

My classroom is filled with students that all learn differently. They are all exceptional in their own ways. I believe this would be most helpful for students that have visual or motor skills challenges as it props the device up for them, better enabling them to use technology in a way that is more comfortable for them. It's not bulky and cumbersome for those who may not have the coordination to manipulate a case or stand. It is like my students....the device represents their wonderful minds. The pillow pad represents their sensitivities and kind hearts.

I would be so appreciative if I received this gift. To be able to give a child a tool that will help them to better navigate their educational journey is something I always aspire to do.

Even if I am not chosen, thank you so much for helping the students in all of our classrooms. They say it takes a village, and we as teachers are lucky to have companies such as iPevo in our village!