St. Francis Xavier School

Michelle Rubel
Dyersville , IA
Oct 11, 2017

Over the past several years, our school has been slowly growing the number of iPads that we have for classroom use. This is great, as we have been fortunate enough to increase the amount of technology that is available to students, although charging multiple iPads at once can be a hassle. Our school's building has a newer addition, but the majority of the grades are housed in an older building, where electrical outlets are not always easily accessible in the classroom. Having this Super Charger would help us to charge multiple cameras, iPads, and other devices at one time. This also would allow us to save classroom space and outlets for other items. This way, the iPads and other devices would be fully charged and ready to go when students are ready to use them. This would be beneficial for me especially, as I house the school's "shared" iPads in my own classroom, and they are constantly being checked out by other teachers for classroom use. Having them charged and ready to go is a never-ending job. Using this Super Charger will help me to stay on top of things. I appreciate your consideration!