Mooresville Intermediate School

Hayley Johnson
Mooresville , NC
Sep 12, 2017

Hello iPevo! I am so excited to be in my new position as a reading specialist at Mooresville Intermediate School! In my new role I am able to provide access to a phenomenal reading program called HillRap, which uses iPads to help students learn phonics, word attack skills, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. Each student in my groups uses their iPad during the 45 minute lessons and they are so engaged and motivated by the work they are doing with this program. We have discovered that due to the age of our iPads, they tend to drain the battery fairly quickly, and need to be charged often. Having more iPads than available outlets has become a bit of a challenge, and being able to keep all the iPads charging between groups quickly and efficiently will keep me and my students focused on the task of growing as readers instead of worrying that our devices won't make it through the whole lesson. I would love to add this USB SuperCharger to my classroom tools and I hope my wish comes true!