Redlands High School

Adam Anapolsky
Redlands , CA
Aug 2, 2017


I teach an SDC math class. The students would greatly benefit from this technology because an Interactive Whiteboard system will engage the class at a multi-sensory level. Students with disabilities often require a spectrum of different teaching strategies in order to fulfill the unique needs found in my classroom. This gift will help students encounter math at a deeper level and hopefully encourage them to see math less as an abstract concept, but rather as a tangible tool that will enrich their life.

The novelty of new technology introduced into the classroom will initially capture their attention. My students will learn that math, much like language, is manipulatable. The Interactive Whiteboard will give us the opportunity to examine a mathematical problem from multiple perspectives. A large portion of my students have a necessity to have a physical interaction with their assignments. The Interactive Whiteboard will increase their comprehension by allowing them to engage more of their senses and thus stimulate their interest in the material.

Thanks for taking the time to review our request and for hosting such a generous site.