National Star College

Chris Auker-Howlett
Cheltenham , United Kingdom
May 17, 2017

I am an British Army Veteran, who was medically Discharge, after an incident, left me with nerve condition, that causes pain 24/7 in both legs and I have to use a wheelchair.
As such I volunteer with Young People from 16years old with Charity Education Organisation focusing on Complex Disabilities.
Most of our Students can not verbally communicate and can have restricted hand control!
We try to aid these Young People to have a voice and promote their inclusive education. We use technology that they can easily interact with, either using their Limited Touch; Speech Recognition or Eye Gaze (using Pupils Recognition software).
Any of your products would greatly assist, all of our young people.

Also, I am starting a Life Savers First Aid Group for young people, with both Complex Disabilities and a local High School carrying out Out Door Education.
Due to my limited Mobility your Teaching Equipment, being very portable and interactive, would also, really assist teaching these First Aid Groups!

For Example:
IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System (Short Pen Version)

Both these above Education organisations have had their budgets cut from the British Government and via reductions in charitable funding.
Any help from the 'Ipevo family' of Technology, would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, I would also like to ask if any of your 'UK Ipevo Team' could visit our Disabled Young Persons College or the Gloucester High School.. Such a visit would I'm sure, highlight how amazing your products could be to help our Young People Express themselves?