Winthrop Grade School

Rosie Del Tejo WIlliamson
Winthrop , ME
Apr 13, 2017

I would love to use the SuperCharger in the Learning Lab at our school. They have purchased some iPads and have them all pulled into charging strips which is a hazard. There are only three wall sockets in the room they are located in and have 12 ipads at this time. With these SuperChargers we will be able to plug in the ipads in different areas for students to use.
As the computer tech, I have ordered many iPevo equipments from here and teachers are very happy using them. This is the first year that we have had a budget freeze all year and I was not able to finish completing my order for more document readers. Hopefully we will have our budget back next year and I can get back to ordering.
Thank you for your excellent services and products.
Rosie Del Tejo Williamson
Computer Tech
Winthrop Grade School