South Brandywine Middle School

Heather Mochulski
Coatesville , PA
Mar 12, 2017

With only two literacy coaches in our school district, my literacy coach colleague and I have a unique position of working with many teachers throughout the district. We travel to all three of our middle schools as well as the intermediate and high school. Our focus is increasing student engagement and critical thinking while emphasizing reading and writing. We not only work in ELA classrooms, but all content and special areas as well. Many of the ways we prefer to demonstrate lessons and work with students require adequate, interactive technology! However, many of the classrooms we visit do not have the resources needed. The portable feature of this month's gift is so appealing- it could really be used as we travel from building to building! Our students would love to be hands on with their learning! In addition, we learned about this website while on a school visit. One of the classrooms we visited was awarded this SAME system and the kids were so engaged and the teacher couldn't say enough about it! Thanks for your consideration!