Flat Rock Elementary School

Krista Gray
Anderson , SC
Mar 12, 2017

More than 100 students come to the Media Center every day to learn research and information skills, read books and other periodicals, locate books to checkout, and learn computer programming, science, math, and technology skills that impact all of their other classes and subjects. My students love the diversity of the Media Center and it is the hub of our school. I teach 400 Kindergarten through fifth grade students from a rural, farming community in the upstate of South Carolina. We are a Title I school and 100% of my students receive free lunch.

Since beginning a Makerspace area where students can be involved with hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) exploration, my students have a joy and excitement about school and learning I have never seen before. Having the opportunity to learn in the library's Makerspace area is affecting all areas of student learning and helping their focus and engagement to grow in their academic classrooms as well! The IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System will revolutionize how I am able to work with my students and help them learn how to use the various technology tools in each Makerspace centers. This whiteboard system will allow me to work with groups of students in different areas of the library, focusing on the skills they need for the project at hand. I can turn a wall into an interactive, whiteboard space that will allow my students to work collaboratively together as they create plans for their Makerspace project. This tool will allow my students to work together to think outside the box, understand how things around them work, and give them the power to create and succeed in a world filled with science and technology jobs.